Version control and Talend Open Studio 4.x

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Version control and Talend Open Studio 4.x

Anyone have suggestions on what version control software is best to use with Talend Open Studio? I have heard some concerns about CVS/SVN. But I would like any experienced users feedback, please.
Also, any 'best practices' with regard to how to save each Talend object -- job, contexts, etc. -- would be helpful.
Lastly, would it help greatly to go with TIS instead of staying with TOS? If 'yes', please explain 'why'?
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Re: Version control and Talend Open Studio 4.x

I stoped looking for a good way with open studio.
I know that integrated is suppose to work correctly with svn.
I look foward to read about this...

Re: Version control and Talend Open Studio 4.x

I don't have much experience using version control with TOS, but definitely with TIS!
In TIS, all your projects are stored directly into SVN, and SVN automatically takes care of the version control. You have options on how to manage the locking system, when to commit your modifications to SVN, you can also enter a User Log when you commit. And you can also checkout an older version of a job! On top of that, we are now using the branching system of SVN, so you can create branches of your projects!
In summary, TIS is tightly integrated with SVN, and I've implemented it for a lot of customers, most of the time the issues that I have encountered were linked to a bad usage or a wrong configuration. 99% of our customers using TIS are using SVN to store the projects, so believe me if there was any issue with it, we would have used something else :-)
For TOS, if you want to backup your Talend Projects, you could actually create a job that will copy the content of your workspace, archive it and save it into a folder which name would be the date it happened for example, and then export that job as a script, and execute it whenever you need to do a backup.
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Re: Version control and Talend Open Studio 4.x

If you insist on using SVN (or any other version control system) instead of making backups of your workspace folder and do not have any other need for TIS, I suppose you could import the folder of your project (which can be found in the workspace folder) into you SVN repository. This folder can than be commited and updated as much as you'd like.
Of course this committing is done on file system level and not from within TOS.
I haven't tried this solution myself, but I suppose it should work.


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