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Verifying CSV Headers / Access MetaData in Java Routine

Hi all,
I have some metadata specified and want to verify that the file being read into Talend matches the format that I have specified within the metadata. I couldn't see any option such as "verify column headers" in the components I've looked at so far so have either missed something obvious or come to the correct conclusion that writing a custom java routine would probably be the easiest and most adaptable approach.
Firstly, have I missed a "verify column headers" type option? Or is there an easy approach that I just havent thought of to implement this kind of check using built-in Talend components?
If not, then is there any way that I would be able to access the metadata via a Java routine? I've tried searching Google for this kind of thing, but not managed to find anything remotely related.

Thanks for any info you can provide. Smiley Happy
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Re: Verifying CSV Headers / Access MetaData in Java Routine

Hi Ian,
Not long ago I responded to a post with something somewhat similar to what you're asking - being able to get/add the column headers to a data flow. See if this post helps you any...