Variable value in a tDBConnection view

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Variable value in a tDBConnection view

Hi there, 



I am defining development standards for a project.

I would like to have this when I open a connection to any DB :



Actually, I enter manually the name of my schema in the component comment (in Documentation) :



And then I can do like this :



But is that possible to use directly the value of my context var corresponding and containing the Schema Name ?


Like this I didn't have to put any comment.


Thanks a lot !





Re: Variable value in a tDBConnection view


You can graphically highlight both Label and Hint text with HTML formatting tags.

For more information, please refer to this online user guides about:TalendHelpCenter:View tab  and TalendHelpCenterSmiley Very Happyocumentation tab.

Best regards


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Re: Variable value in a tDBConnection view

Hello Sabrina,


Thank you for your help, but my question was more about if it was possible to get the value of my schema variable, and no about how to format the component description with tag (I am already using this).


Best regards

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