Variabel on first if output null

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Variabel on first if output null

Hey @ll,
i try to check the sum of all DB-actions against the number of rows in my input file. There for i use the if-output at the last db-action. But in the first round of my process (i work with a file list), one count of db-actions is everytime "Null".
My if looks like this :
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_1_NB_LINE_INSERTED") &&
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_1_NB_LINE_UPDATED") &&
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_2_NB_LINE_INSERTED") &&
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_2_NB_LINE_UPDATED") &&
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_3_NB_LINE_INSERTED") &&
null!=globalMap.get("tMysqlOutput_3_NB_LINE_UPDATED") &&

Is there another posibility?
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Re: Variabel on first if output null

Try to use your input file component name itself, eg: if it is a excel files then you can find the no of rows using following expression
and Db record count you have to use tFlowmeter