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Validating the delivery of email messages

Hi All,
I am a TALEND newbie.
Is there any option/component available in TALEND using which we can identify whether the email has been successfully delivered to the recepient or not?
For e.g there is a scenario wherein I have to pickup the email ids available in one of the tables and send an email to each one of the recepient.However there is a possibility that some of the email ids are not valid.But when we execute the tsendmail component,we can identify whether the component has executed successfully or not.It doesn't give any idea as to whether the mail has been delivered or not.I explored many components however I haven't been able to come up with a solution.

Re: Validating the delivery of email messages

It seems that you use a feedback from tsendmail. (which one is sent successfully and which one is not). So far, there is no such option in tsendmail.
Here is a solution for your scenario. Hope it will be useful.
I have designed a demo job: tfileinputdelimited-->tflowtoiterate-->iterate-->tsendmail.
In input file there are valid emails and invalid.
Though there is no validation in Talend studio console yet a notification from Mail Delivery System <> will send a email for the invalid email messages in outlook.
See my screenshots for detail.
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