Using tfileexcel components in a loop.

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Using tfileexcel components in a loop.

Hi all,


I have been trying to split my data into different excel files based on a column value. The column values are dynamic, so I was trying to achieve the same through a loop, by storing the distinct column values globally inside the job, and then running select queries inside a loop for each value.


The structure of the loop is like this.




I am using Jan Lolling's tfileexcel components, which are amazing btw.
But I guess, tFileExcelWorkbookOpen and tFIleExcelWorkbookSave cannot be used inside a loop.

It throws an error "tFileExcelWorkbookSave_2 workbook cannot be null!", everytime.

Does anybody has any solution for this issue.





Re: Using tfileexcel components in a loop.


The third party custom components on Talend Exchange are not "supported"(simply we won't necessarily be equipped to help you with any issue you may face with them) by Talend, since we don't have the source code of these components.  It is the ownership of the person who built it. Feel free to contact the author Jan Lolling please.

Best regards



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