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Using tXMLMap with arbitrary namespace prefixes

I'm pulling data over REST API as XML document which is generated by JAXB on the server. The setup is such that namespace prefixes in the document are arbitrarily assigned (as briefly described here). If I set my XML metadata schema based on one example response and use it in tXMLMap element, it happens that the mapping is not successful since prefixes change from one API call to another.


Is it possible to deal with such dynamically changing prefixes in Talend OS for DI? 

Edit: An option as 'Ignore the namespaces' like in tFileInputXML would be most preferable. I tried also with Xpath *:fieldName and *[local-name() = 'fieldName'] with no luck. 


Re: Using tXMLMap with arbitrary namespace prefixes


Could you please have a look at this new feature jira issue about: to see if it is what you are looking for?

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