Using tLog or Length / Precision hangs the job

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Using tLog or Length / Precision hangs the job

Hello Guys,
I am trying to extract data from a Lotus Notes database using a custom component (not sure if this changes anything because the extraction part actually works, so...) into a MSSQL DB.
I realized that if I copy the schema from the target DB back to the tMap component, it will fill the Length / Precision for all the fields. I'd be fine with that, since it gets rid of the ! sign complaining about schema differences. But it hangs my job in the middle of the load. No errors, all numbers just stall.
If I remove Len/Prec from tMap, the job works, BUT if I add a tLog in the middle of tMap and MSSQL output, the problem comes back.
I've been stuck with this problem for a couple days now, do any of you guys have any experience with this bug? How to work around it?

Re: Using tLog or Length / Precision hangs the job

Does this issue repro on tFileOutPutxxx component instead of using tLogRow? Could you please show your job setting screenshots into forum?
Best regards
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