Using tFileList to tFtpPut to send only select files

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Using tFileList to tFtpPut to send only select files

TOS 3.1.0.M2_r22765 java job design
I have the following business process. First, I want to go out to a specified folder and retrieve all file names matching a specific mask. Next I want to pick only those files that are older than 15 minutes to ensure they are not still being processed or edited. Once I have this file list, I want to copy those files to an archive folder, send those files to the remote server, then delete the files from the source folder. For testing I have put together a quick job design that outputs the names of the files matching my criteria, which works, and copies the files to an archive directory, which works, but then at the FTP step I cannot get it to copy the current file to the remote server. I receive the following:
Starting job AstraTransfer at 15:05 14/04/2009.\\server1\out\PSP1|\\server1\out\PSP1|PSP1|rw|350700|1239609644459|Mon Apr 13 04:00:44 EDT 2009
No match file exist!
Job AstraTransfer ended at 15:05 14/04/2009.
I have defined a variable that holds the local folder so we can dynamically change it if we move the application between boxes.
Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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Re: Using tFileList to tFtpPut to send only select files

As the error message shows, there is no file match the file mask, you are using a file path as a file mask.
Split your process into two steps:
filter and copy the files into a archive folder
tFTPPut(put the files located on archive folder, set a file mask, eg:*.csv)

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