Using Update Timestamp(SqlServer) in Talend

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Using Update Timestamp(SqlServer) in Talend

We are planning to perform a Incremental extract in our Data Warehouse, our source is Sql Server where they are maintaining a column called Timestamp which is Binary Value. The Data Type for that column is TimeStamp.
The column will be updated whenever there is a change in Critical Column. We will be using that Timestamp column to retrieve the Updated and New Record.
In the where clause i will using the Timestamp value to fetch only the new and updated records.
Is it possible to use that Binary Valued timestamp column in the talend to filter the records.
If so, is there any method to store the last run (Time Stamp) value, so that i will be using that in my next run. (It can be achieved by creating a context, but can we get the exact timestamp value which we use in the where clause)
Feedback's and answers would be really helpful..


Re: Using Update Timestamp(SqlServer) in Talend

Are you looking for TalendHelpCenter:Talend Change Data Capture (CDC). Change Data Capture (CDC) is easy with Talend Studio.
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