Using Talend as File Transfer Server

Using Talend as File Transfer Server

Hi !
We are studying differents solution to manage our file transfers.
We would like to use standards (sftp for example).
We would like to manage with this server :
- a server A send a file to a server B
- server A send a file to server B, C, D etc ...
- a server A, C, D etc ... send a file to a server B
Is an ETL a good idea to do that ?
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Re: Using Talend as File Transfer Server

Does the tFtp components fit you need ? if not, you can report your require with detailed information on our bugtracker.

Best regards
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Re: Using Talend as File Transfer Server

Dear Merlin Der Koenig,
Filetransfer is one diferent part of ETL, but, it has to be tightly coupled with one ETL process.
I suggest that you use o Q-Ware for file´s transfer.

Q-Ware do filetransfers with next features:
- Data Compression.
- Data Cryptografy.
- Check-point and restart after stops, without any byte to be lost.
- Run command after and before each file transfered, in both sides .
- Run command if something is wrong.
- Is 2 times more fast that SFTP, FTP, OFTP.
- Supports for Muli-languages.
- Store Histories for each transaction (file processed).
- Store Logs of operations with grained controler.
- Use Operation System mechanisms for to do autentication,
* i.e., don´t have to maintain another password file
- Do integration with ETL process made with JasperETL.
- And make many other things more.
Try it on site
Best Regards

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