Use result of tmsgbox YES/NO

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Use result of tmsgbox YES/NO

i'm using a tmsgbox with the YES/NO buttons. The goal of this, is that if user click YES job continu, if NO job is stopped.
I don't know how to do this.
I think simply use the trigger run if after my tmsgbox. As if condition i have set :
But this is always false. I don't know what is the value return by TmsgBox when YES or when NO.
Does anyone know it?
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Re: Use result of tmsgbox YES/NO

you are on the right way .
First use equals to compare 2 String in java.
when user clic "yes" , it return "0" so compare result box like this :
order 1

do something (in my TjavaFlew : out.println("continue")Smiley Wink
order 2

do something else (out.println("stop");
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Re: Use result of tmsgbox YES/NO

thank a lot

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