Use/pass input parameters to a tDBSP component

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Use/pass input parameters to a tDBSP component

Hi, I'm trying to launch a stored procedure using a tDBSP component. This procedure takes two input parameters, and inserts a new line in a table on the DB. 

The problem is that I can't pass these two parameters: what I did was adding these two parameters as schema columns in the component, as type "IN", and set a default value here:


But this didn't work. No errors, but in the table there wasn't a new record. So I've tried adding a tFixedFlowInput component, with these settings:
image.pngThe connected to the tDBSP component, but the outcome was the same.


Re: Use/pass input parameters to a tDBSP component



     Could you please share the screenshot of the overall job flow and also the component details screenshot for tDBSP in your job? It will help us in detailed analysis.


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Nikhil Thampi

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