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Use of Implicit tContextLoad

To load a context I used tFileInputDelimited and tContextLoad.
It also worked using "Implicit tContextLoad from file".
But can't make it work using a database as a source. Tried both ways, tContextLoad and Implicit tContextLoad.
Using Implicit tContextLoad, I have two problems:
- How do I fill Query condition field? Is it obligatory?
- In the components that use this context, is it ok (Port field as example): context.port?
My database is like:
"key" "value"
"database" "dbname"
"host" "hostname"
"password" "password+"
"port" "3306"
"username" "root"
Thanks, Rober
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Re: Use of Implicit tContextLoad

You can load the value of context variables from any data source. From database, the query should be:
"select key, value from your_table_name"
The job looks like:
other business processing
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Re: Use of Implicit tContextLoad

Ok, thanks.
But in the Contexts Tab I have a filename (File type) field, which worked when using a file. Leaving it like this works, but should I remove that value? Or change it?