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Use header line and convert to key/value pairs

We would like to have a component (or, preferable: a set of standard non-custom components) which does the following: we have a CSV input file, with the following structure:
Reference column1 column2 column3
reference1 value1_1 value1_2 value1_3
reference2 value2_1 value2_2 value2_3
Now we want to convert this file into key/value pairs, according the following schema:
Reference (key field name to identify the records from each other)
Key (field name)
Value (field value)
An example output would be:
reference1; column1; value1_1
reference1; column2; value1_2
reference1; column3; value1_3
reference2; column1; value2_1
reference2; column2; value2_2
reference2; column3; value2_3
Is this possible by using standard components?

Re: Use header line and convert to key/value pairs

Please see the KB article about Converting columns to rows, hope it will be helpful for you.
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