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Use Hostname and not IP to run ssh command in tsystem/tssh

Hi ,

We have a requirement in which we have to get value of following command .

ssh ${Host} 'find ~/FilePath/* -printf "%f\n"'

(this returns list of file from remote HOST server)


I believe we can use tssh for this but the problem is in the present system we have assigned hostname to the remote IP in sshconfig and using those to ssh.(this is done because we had around 50 such host and its easier to distinguish them) and it seems in tssh we need the hostname IP. only


So is it possible to run the above command in tssh /tsystem by using the hostname itself and not IP.

I tried running this command in tsystem but was getting file/directory not found,so was not sure will it be  possible to do ssh through tsystem component.


Any help will be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Ojasvi Gambhir



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Re: Use Hostname and not IP to run ssh command in tsystem/tssh

I don't see why there should be a problem here. You can SSH using Hostname or IP address as long as your system is able to translate the Hostname to the IP. Can you run the command in a terminal on your machine using the Hostname? If so you should be able to in Talend as well.

If you have tried this and it fails in Talend, but works in your terminal, can you provide us with a Talend error?

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