Usage of headers in tMomInput/tMomOutput

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Usage of headers in tMomInput/tMomOutput



Can anyone post any simple demo example where it shows how to use Headers & Get MQMD Field of tMomInput/tmomOutput present in Advanced Settings?


Thanks in advance


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Re: Usage of headers in tMomInput/tMomOutput

Hi Van_shri
To be honest, I have never used these two Fields. Please go to our bugtracker and open a document request or open an issue if you are getting error to use these two Fields, our developers will investigate the issue and help you.

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Re: Usage of headers in tMomInput/tMomOutput

You generally need search not on Talend forum, but read documentation related to Your message queue broker 


in case of Talend DI - ActiveMQ or Websphere


Talend just allow You use this values, for example for route message or run-if trigger and etc


so if You do not know - what is it, may be You just do not need this :-) (I personally not use headers in my projects - no needs)




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