Usage of Integration Cloud and Talend Studio

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Usage of Integration Cloud and Talend Studio

Hello Guys,
I am testing the functionalities of Talend Integration Cloud and have some questions about it.
About the usage and architecture, we tried some tasks in Integration Cloud, we noticed when the Action has some complexities I got to use Talend Studio, build the job and Publish to Integration Cloud. Is that right? Is it a good usage of Integration Tool? What do you recommend?
For an example if I want to retrieve data from a specific CSV File, I have to create the job in Talend Studio and then publish it.


Re: Usage of Integration Cloud and Talend Studio

Hi Washington,
yes you can use Talend Studio if you want to do true customization of integration actions. For standard ones like reading a specific CSV file this is not necessary. You can Import the standard actions from Talend Exchange. See 
* csv from columns atπ=marketplace%252F1...
* csv to columns atπ=marketplace%252F1...
With the use of such actions the schema can be discovered directly in the cloud environment, no need for Studio again.
All of this is documented in more details at
Last, if you want to have an offline conversation reach me at and we set up a short meeting.
Thomas Steinborn
VP Product Management