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I would like to knwo how to convert a string ( value in a row ) to uppercase before making an inner join with another value from another table ?
because the first table has a field which is filled with lowercase strings , in the other hand in order to perfor an inner join i have to convert the source'field value to lowwercase
how ca i do this?
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Re: UpperCase

You should be able to do this in tMap.
The attached image shows a join in the left side of tmap. It converts the field PublisherID from row7 to upper case before comparing it to PublisherID from row 9.
Row7 is the main flow into the tMap. row9 is a lookup flow. I'm not sure how you would convert the row9 value to upper case.
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Re: UpperCase

Alternate way could be to use tjavarow before tmap and convert it to upper case
output_row.your_column= StringHandling.UPCASE(input_row.your_column)
If you want to convert output of row9, then use in tMap Output - StringHandling.UPCASE(input_row.your_column)