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Upload content (files) into Salesforce using ContentVersion object

Has anyone ever tried to upload content into Salesforce using ContentVersion object?
Using DataLoader, you have to activiate the "Upload Bulk API as Zip File (enable to upload binary attachments)" option and it works fine.
With this option activated, DataLoader automatically construct a zip file in which you can found:
- 1 file per document to load with the name "#attachment_000", "#attachment_001" and so on
- 1 file called "request.txt" corresponding to the input csv file with the content of the field VersionData has been changed to the corresponding entry in the archive file (#attachment_001 for example)
In tSalesforceOutptuBulkExec (TOS 6.3.1), this option doesn't exists in the settings and trying to run the job with the same input csv file produce the following error message (catched on Salesforce side):
InvalidBatch : Binary field VersionData is only supported for content types ZIP_XML and ZIP_CSV

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Re: Upload content (files) into Salesforce using ContentVersion object

I have checked with our developers, tSalesforceOutptuBulkExec component does not support this option yet, he suggested to create a feature request on our bugtracker.

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