Upload attachments to Salesforce

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I am new to Talend and have a requirement to upload files from folder (mostly from FTP)  to salesforce . The filenames contains salesforce record ids to which it should be added as an attachment. So the logic should include getting record id , file name and filebody (contents) from the specified location and upload it to salesforce . I am not able to identify the components to be use for this requirement . How it can be achieved using Talend?

Re: Upload attachments to Salesforce

Have you tried to upload files in Salesforce into "Attachment" Object using tSalesforceOutput?
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Re: Upload attachments to Salesforce

Yes Sabrina . I used Attachment object in tSalesforceOutput component . But was not able to map filecontents to Body field of this object. I want to fetch filename and Salesforce record id from the file so I used tFilePorperties component . To get filebody I used tFileInputRaw component. But not able to map all these to Salesforce object .
Your quick help on this will be appreciated.
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