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Updating SQL Server tables with a foreign key relationship

I have two tables in SQL Server that I need to update. One table contains Customer data, and the other contains Order data. A customer can have any number of orders, including zero. If she does have any orders, then the Order table contains her customerID, along with the orders. In other words:



  CustomerID (unique, auto-insert)

  Name, etc.




  Order Info, etc.


The data I need to load is denormalized, so it looks like this:


Name                                    Order

Alex                                       Books

Alex                                       More Books

Rebecca                                NULL


. . .and so on. I can load the Customer table without issue. However, I don't know how to load the Orders table, since I need the CustomerID from the Customer table, and I don't have any way to link that back to the denormalized data to find the actual orders. Does anyone have any advice?

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Re: Updating SQL Server tables with a foreign key relationship

I'm afraid you have to query the customer table after you have finish to insert rows. Then you'll be able to get the id to use in the order table as a foreign key.