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Update table column by Lookup from remote CSV file

I have a requirement to update a column of a table in my Greenplum DB from a CSV file.
CSV file has two columns one of which is a key column and other one is the column to be updated.
I want to know how can I do this update if the file is on a ftp server as I want to run the job in TAC 
and which component will be most efficient for update operation.
Thanks in advance.

Re: Update table column by Lookup from remote CSV file

With you requirement, you have to download your file from FTP server into local by using tftpget componnet(Talend cannot support for loading file by air) and then load your data from this  csv file into your Greenplum DB.

Here is " update or insert" option on tGreenplumOutput component which is used to update a record with a matching primary key.

If you want to run job on TAC, please take a look at document about:TalendHelpCenter:Executing data integration Jobs from Job Conductor
Let us know if this solution is Ok with you.
Best regards
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