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Update tMap row output schema from target component?

I often have tMap components feeding data to database tables via tMSSqlOutputBulkExec components, for instance. I frequently update (usually add fields to) the tables. I use the Retrieve Schema command with the Db Connections Metadata to update the Repository schema for the table used by the tMSSqlOutputBulkExec component, but don't know how to send that update back to the tMap that feeds it.
Is there a way to direct the tMap component to update/refresh/synchronize its output schema from the connected next component?
When first connecting the tMap to the tMSSqlOutputBulkExec, TOS DI offers to get the row output schema from the newly connected next component, an offer I always accept. How can I get it to offer that again? I don't want to delete the connection and recreate it, as I have a lot of effort invested in the mapping functions that I would have to re do.
Thanks for any help.
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Re: Update tMap row output schema from target component?

One of the possible option is
1) Go to the edit schema
2) Select the newly added columns
3) Click on the "Copy Select item" button
4) Click on the paste button on the tmap component
Like wise the newly added column will be copied in to the desired components.
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