Update specific field from tmysqloutput

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Update specific field from tmysqloutput

I have a job which insert data from one table to another and then update the flag in the output table.


So far tmysqlinput_1----->tfilterrow----->tmysqloutput is working fine . after this I need to update one field called "flag" for all inserted rows in output.


Kindly help out.


Re: Update specific field from tmysqloutput


Did you want to flag all inserted data?

Here is CDC feature in talend subscription solution which captures only the changed source data and to move it from a source to a target system(s) in real time.

Here is the online document about:TalendHelpCenter:Change Data Capture (CDC): publish/subscribe.

Feel free to let us know if it is what you are looking for.

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Re: Update specific field from tmysqloutput

Thanks. But as per the manual "The CDC feature works only with the same database system running on the same server."

I have data push and pull in different server. So is there any way to do. I am able to insert data to the target from one server to another by a job. After that  , the flag column in source table for  all the inserted rows should change the flag.


I want something like this.


job 1

source table(server1)-----20 rows (out of 100)---- using trowfilter-----> target table(server2) 


source table(server1) ----change flag for all 20 rows inserted.

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