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Update operation on table freezes and rest job will not run

Hello guys, I need little help from talend community.
I have faced a weird situation in which insert/update on a particular table freezes in between and rest job will not be executed.
We are using Postgres 9.6 database on which I'm performing an update operation on a particular table using tpostgresqloutput component.
We use WAR build of our job to run on Tomcat 7 through web services.. each time we do changes in the job we build a new WAR.
Recently I build new WAR due to few changes in a job but while running the same WAR the job is stuck or freezes at first step only. I ran the same job in talend studio I found an update on a table is frozen.
I checked for locks on the table..but there is no lock on the table. Instead, the previous WAR build is working on the same table..but new WAR isn't working.


My Environment
Talend open studio v5.6.3
Tomcat v7
Ubuntu 14.04
Postgres 9.6


Kindly find attachment for reference

Thanks in advance.


Re: Update operation on table freezes and rest job will not run


For debugging, can you please check the 'die on error' option on tpostgresqloutput component and upload the full error messages?

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