Update on Oracle Database best way & General Questions on data Translation

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Update on Oracle Database best way & General Questions on data Translation

Morning - 

My name is Jeb & I am new to Talend. I did Informatica for 10 yrs and now working for small company and we are sub-contracting for a company who won a state (RI) contract & needed someone to do Oracle SQL.  Now they want us to do a little Talend & I got selected.  Actually gotten little information  from  State as to what is behind the curtain, except I have to feed new design Web file input into a Legacy Oracle database. I have gone thru the Tutorial here and got the basics. 

I have several questions and would appreciate some feedback.

To be a vendor with the State of RI the company fills in a screen (HTML pgm) and the data gets loaded to an Oracle database record. I have not got a logon with the State & dataflows are non-existant, We are told they do it using Talend, but have not seen it.


This new company is doing a Web based and I need to add/update the vendor to the Oracle Database. I have been looking solutions & would like feedback on best Update/Add for Oracle Database update (tETLOracle etc).  I have seen to determine if add/Update this SQL (Select Count(*)  from db using key if count > 0) and then routing to Add or Update componet depending on results answer.  Best way/Better way?

Another question - translation of data ie. Female Owned Company question is Checkbox - where would I translate the "X" to a  0/1 or Y/N to load to the database field - have not seen it in tutorials.

Was told by Talend sales rep a lot of good Youtube videos on Talend - any suggestions on a good one to watch.


Hoping all I have to do is accept new input from Web and feed thru existing Talend program as backend Oracle DB not changing, as far as I know.


Thanks you for your help -- Jeb






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