Update excel file

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Update excel file

Hi all,
I have a some XLS with data (ID|Name|originalDID|newDID, where ID is primary key) on sheet 'TranData'. Data for columns ID, Name, originalDID are known, newDID is empty.
I have a informix connection with request data from some magic system, where result is OriginalDID|NewDID. After tMap this data to XLS data I have a cram-full rowset: ID|Name|originalDID|newDID.
And, here is my problem, how to update data in XLS column newDID? I know create a new XLS file with resul, or I know create a new sheet in existing XLS. But I don't know how to update data on the existing sheet.
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Re: Update excel file

You can output the final result to temporary file, then read/get new data from this temporary file and output them to the existing sheet of original excel file.
Best regards
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Re: Update excel file

Hi shong,
thanks for your reply.
That's a good solution, but not acceptable for my problem. I have a XLS with sheet TranData (filled with primary data) and with formulas linked to another sheet. No chance to replace original sheet, because XLS Talend connections know create new or append to exists only. I need update data on one XLS sheet. That's my serious problem Smiley Happy
Best regards
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Re: Update excel file

i am having 9 excel files in one folder does not have the same schema or same sheet names.
now I want to add a new sheet called "info" to all existing excel files.
can you please give me an idea how to do this?
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Re: Update excel file

Hi This is Prashant.I Have 10 Records Excel File.And the Fields Names are First Name,Surname,Title, Gender,Year etc.Now I Want to Update Particular Row.For Example if the First Name is Smith i Want to Make it as John.Please Help me Regarding with this.

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