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Update detection



I'm fairly new to talend and I'm trying to rebuild jobs using jobscripts from the same job. The goal is to reduce the amount of code used in the JobScript. I made a context for my DB connection and removed the context type code part in the JobScript. I generated my job, but it asks me for an update detection. is there a way around it?




Re: Update detection


When you do some changes on an object in a respository and then open a job that inherits that object, a "Update Detection" window opens.

The Update Detection always popup in your studio? Does "Update Detection" window close when you click "OK" button?

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Re: Update detection

the thing is, when I create a job through JobScript with only context name, it won't load the context unless I open the job. I'm looking for a way to update them all in a few clicks without opening all 200+ jobs individually.


I tried to use manage dependencies, I activated deactivate auto detect/update after a modification (but doesn't work) end propagate add/delete variable changes in repository contexts (under preferences => talend => performance) but both don't seem to work


so I basically want to go from this

Snip 2018-03-05 14.29.38.png

to this with filled in values. without having to open every job one by one
Snip 2018-03-05 14.30.27.png





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