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Update Jar in tLibraryLoad component



I have written a Java code in Eclipse, created a jar of it and in Talend tLibraryLoad component I am pointing to that JAR file. to pick it up and continue with further processing in the job.

The issue is whenever I make changes in my Java code I create new JAR with the same name at the same location(i.e. Replacing existing file). But in tLibraryLoad every time I have to open the component and select same modified JAR file in order to make sure that new changes take effect.  

So is there a way, such that tLibraryLoad will internally understand that this is same JAR file with changed timestamp and let's point to that now.


Re: Update Jar in tLibraryLoad component


Which is talend build version you are using? Could you please upload the Basic & Advanced Settings screenshot of your tLibraryLoad component into forum?

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Re: Update Jar in tLibraryLoad component



Talend version is 6.3.1 and Below are the attached pics of the tLibraryLoad component. In advanced settings, I am simply calling import statements of my .class files which are in JAR.






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Re: Update Jar in tLibraryLoad component

Unfortunately I think you will have to carry on with what you are doing (ie deleting your tLibraryLoad, recreating it and reselecting your Jar). I came across this "feature" on 6.2.1 last night while doing something very similar. I believe this is because the component actually takes a copy of your Jar, locates it elsewhere and refers to the copy. I *believe* the location Talend moves the Jar to is....




You could try just replacing the Jar in this location I guess.

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