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Unresolved compilation problems when using SVN on project



I'm contacting the Talend community to help solve a recent issue we faced using Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.

It has been a week I'm struggling with this issue.


Some element to take in account :


- We have a project named "ProjectX".

- We are three developer that can update it at anytime.

- We use sometime different version of Talend.


To be able to work like that with the free version, we use SVN for the versioning of our code.

So we added ProjectX to our source, and it's was share between us without any issue before.

Recently, when we opened it directly after an SVN update OR importing it with Talend functionnality, talend will open it without any issue.

But when we try to run all our jobs, it will say that we have compilation errors in all our items :


Exception in thread "main" java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problems:
The import routines cannot be resolved
TalendJob cannot be resolved to a type
RunStat cannot be resolved to a type
routines cannot be resolved to a type
TDieException cannot be resolved to a type
ResumeUtil cannot be resolved to a type
ResumeUtil cannot be resolved
TalendString cannot be resolved



This is only part of the error, as the error is stating in which item the issue is located, and I only kept unique call from the stack trace inside this post. (so we have multuple "The import routines cannot be resolved", etc)


To fix it, only way I found it to go inside each job printed by the stack trace (we have more than 200+ of them) and open the "Code" tab.

Opening it will show that imports are highlighted in red for 2sec, than the code will reload, and everything will be ok.

I checked the file, nothing is really changing when talend reload the file, code is the same. (properties/item are almost the same except for the time)

I don't know what Talend is doing, but I assure you all the jobs are working perfectly.

The user that made last change would never face this issue, it's only the one that try to retrieve the colleague code than add something that will face this issue.


Do you have any idea why it's the case ?

Should we ignore some files  containing user data from "ProjectX" inside workspace folder ?

What can we do to fix it ? 


Hope you can help me, because I will become crazy trying to find what happening here.


Best regards,







Re: Unresolved compilation problems when using SVN on project


If you are using Open Studio, do you have an SVN set up to back up your Workspace?

Best regards


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Re: Unresolved compilation problems when using SVN on project

Hello Sabrina,



Yes, we have Tortoise SVN setup to back up our Workspace.



Best regards,