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Understanding how tFlowToIterate and tFixedFlowInput

I have gone through the documentation for above two components, but I still did not able to understand how they 
work and what is the usecase.
Can somebody please tell me using some raw data .
Eg :
csv file : 
tFlowToIterate  (takes line number 1)
output from tFlowToIterate : xxxxxxxx
also I want to know how both work together.
Thank you
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Re: Understanding how tFlowToIterate and tFixedFlowInput

tFixedFlowInput - for pre-defined, fixed set of data, 
tFlowToIterate - store Flow data to variable, then You can access any variable as (Type)globalMap.get("VariableName")
they can work together as - You define small table in tFixedFlowInput -> make a loop by tFlowToIterate -> use this variables on next steps which will repeated for any number of rows in tFixedFlowInput