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Underscores Make Column Names Invalid

I'm using talend open studio 4.1.0.M4_r46802 on WinXP.
I put a tFileInputXML component in my test job. I've already created XML metadata. When I click on the component in my job view, it enables the Component tab.
So if I now click on the Edit Schema button it brings up "Edit parameter using repoistory" dialog box. I select "update repository connection" to bring up "Update Schema metadata" screen.
My column names are local_network, vuln_name, and vuln_vendor. If I click in the column and click out, I get the following error message:
"The column name local_network in invalid"
This happens for all columns that have underscores in them. Is this expected behavior or a bug?
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Re: Underscores Make Column Names Invalid

Please report a bug on our bugtracker.
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