Unable to use key.separator and parse.key properties with Talend Kafka components


Is there a way to use the key.separator or parse.key properties for the Talend Kafka components? For example, to send a message to the tKafkaOutput component in a specific way to separate the key from the value as part of the internal queuing infrastructure?



No, Talend is unable to associate a key separator or parse key with Kafka queues. The two properties, key.separator and parse.key, are not known values with the Kafka version currently packaged with the product. As a result, even if you try to add the values into the advanced settings as follows, running the Job will cause an error informing you that these properties do not exist.

"parse.key" = "true" and "key.separator" = "{key}"


The Jira feature request is TBD-5646.

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