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Unable to unite data from multiple sources

As per the attached screenshot, when I execute the flow, everything is executed properly and I can see data flowing from start to the end. however, when I checked the new table joined, i can only see data from the first source but not the second source. may i know if I missed out anything?

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Re: Unable to unite data from multiple sources



generally - it work, so need investigate - what data come from each source, what go to destination, what schema, keys and etc?



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Re: Unable to unite data from multiple sources

There is  not really enough information here. I have a few questions/suggestions....


1) Do both sources actually return data? Have you tried both the queries?
2) Do the tMaps do any data filtering? If so, could this be restricting the data?
3) You have some yellow triangles. This suggests schema issues. Not that I suspect these are the cause, but you should sort these.
4) Does your table have a primary key? Is this causing your problem? Is more than one record being inserted with the same primary key?
5) Can you send us a screenshot of your job after you have run it? This might help us see the flow of data. At the moment all we know is that some data is getting through.

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