Unable to import xls/xlsx files!!

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Unable to import xls/xlsx files!!

Hi all,
I'm using TOS DI 6.2.1 (x64) on Windows Server 2012 R2 and jdk 1.8.0_101 
I'm trying to create metadata for a very very simple excel file with an only character in A1 cell but the following error occurs:
Failed to generate code.
Preview error. Some settings must be changed.
Note: Preview errors are generally due to a wrong encoding setting.

I tried some different encoding types and both xls and xlsx format but without success.
Can anybody help me to understand this strange behavior?
I attached a sample zip file containing two files (xls and xlsx) I'm using to understand the issue.
Please, help me Smiley Indifferent
Many thanks in advance
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Re: Unable to import xls/xlsx files!!

The issue isn't due to excel files but rather to code generation. Executing TOS DI with administrator privileges all works well.
I'm a TOS DI user from 5.0 version (about 4 years) and this is the first time I need to execute the application as administrator.
I'll ask to my admins team
Thanks the same for your help