Unable to find Zip file after building Talend job

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Unable to find Zip file after building Talend job

Hi Team,


After completion of development of one job , I tried to build the job and it is showing building of job completed successfully and i was surprised that i was unable to find the the build file in given location.

Please give the solution for this.

Note: Talend Data Integration 6.0.1







Re: Unable to find Zip file after building Talend job


Please try to check option” Extract the zip file” when you build your job in Talend Data Integration 6.0.1.

In addition to that, Starting from version 6.0, Talend Studio requires a JDK installation instead of just a JRE to build jobs, and you must configure the JDK path in Windows > Preferences > Java > Installed JRES.

For more information, please refer to this article about:https://community.talend.com/t5/Migration-Configuration-and/Requiring-a-JDK-installation-to-build-jo...

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