Unable to extract data from XML column using tExtractXMLfield

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Unable to extract data from XML column using tExtractXMLfield

I have a table which has BREVNT as follow
ID Integer 100
DEFN_NAME String 100

I am trying to use tExtractXML field component to get data out of DEFN_DETAIL into a CSV file.
I get the NamespaceTool error.
when i retrieve the table from Database onto designer i get the column as string .
And using tXMLextract component i want to read the XML column and spit it out as CSV file.
My question is
Am i doing the correct setting in the tXMLExtract component.
Do i need to specify the XSD of this XML beforehand ? I thought TXMLExtract is to read XML Column in Database if so i dont think i should define XSD anywhere.
I have been struggling on this for last 2 days.

Would greatly appreciate if someone can look at screen shot and help me on this
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Re: Unable to extract data from XML column using tExtractXMLfield

I think you are using the right component tExtractXMLfield to extract values from a string data with XML format, you might have wrong settings on tExtractXMLfield component if it does not work. Please provider us more details about your job settings, some screenshots of the component will be helpful for us to address the problem quickly, or give us an example of your string data and what values do you want to extract from it?
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