Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

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Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

Hi all,
I'm newbie to Talend ESB. I'm try to test Talend ESB Studio and Talend ESB SE.
I've a problem:
I?ve create a very simple route on Talend ESB Studio.
When I run it on Talend ESB Studio, the route works well. Otherwise, if I export the route as OSGI Bundle, and I install the bundle on Talend ESB SE, the route not works!
I?ve executed the command osgi:install -s file:{exportedBundleLocation} and then I?ve execute the command osgi:start {bundleNumber}, but nothing happens. If I try to execute the command osgi:list {numberOfInstalledBundle} I can see the installed bundle with the status active and created!

Any Help is greatly appreciated
Thanks in Advance,

Re: Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

Hi Marco,
the ESB runtime container provides specific commands for starting routes and services:
route:start <route name> respectively job:start <service name>
In addition you can get a list of installed routes or services using
route:list repectively job:list
Best regards,
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Re: Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

Thanks Marian for your reply.
Now the route work without any problem!
I've noted that the route is encapsulated inside a TalendJob object, and I've another question to the forum, is it possible to migrate a route, create with Talend ESB Studio, in another karaf or esb installation?

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Re: Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

that depends on the Karaf instance or the ESB you want to migrate to :-)
If you want to deploy on another instance of the Karaf container distributed with Talend ESB, that should be no problem.
Deploying on a Karaf instance that you got from someplace else probably won't work - it will be missing some features
needed to run the route.
Deploying on another type of ESB will be difficult. The only way I can see this could somehow work would be to take the
Java source generated for the route and adapt that to run on the other ESB.
If you describe your usecase in more detail we might be able to help you better.
Jerry Preissler
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Re: Unable to deploy route to Talend ESB

thank you brother to share such a great and help full infomration, i like it very much and i find it very help full hope that you will keep it up

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