Unable to custom components

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Unable to custom components


I am trying to install tAzure custom components which I downloaded it from https://exchange.talend.com/ in Talend 6.2 enterprise edition on my machine. Configurtion - 

OS - Windows 7.0 SP 1, 64 bit

I created a dedicate folder for it and unzip it there. Under Windows -> Preference ->  Components -> <added user component path>


PFA component folder structure.




I checked in the pallete  and it is not present there.






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Re: Unable to custom components

Hi ajaymittal981 Here is a KB article about how to install custom component, please follows the steps to install the custom components into Talend Studio, read the troubleshooting sections and apply the solutions if you have issues. https://help.talend.com/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=190513200 Let me know if it does not work! Regards Shong
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Re: Unable to add custom components

I already follow the same article and did some troubleshooting but with no success. For few components, *_end.javajet is missing.


If this is the issue, how can I fix this? If this is not, Can you please check what's the exact issue?


Do we have stable tAzure components?




Re: Unable to custom components



You have executed the right steps for the import. There may be a small mistake somewhere. 

By the way, Talend 6.3 already support connectivity to Azure Blob Storage. And  with the next version (6.4), we will extend to Azure Data Lake Store.


Can you clarify which Azure storage  service you are targeting and for what ? 


Thank you 



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Re: Unable to custom components


I am using Talend 6.2.1 version. I am trying to create spark job, for this I configured spark and at the time to access files from Azure I need either tHDFS or tAzureBlobConnector. When I tried to configure tHDFS, talend suggest whatever configuration I did is for Azure Blob storage.




Do I need to configure  tHDFS or tAzureBlobConnector while accessing file using tfileInputDelimited.


Please check my second post in this thread and check file structure. I think, that structure miss *end.javajet file.