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Unable to connect to the hadoop cluster

Hi Team,
I installed apache.hadoop on VMware(Single node cluster), installend talend big data open source 6.3 on windows 7.
I created a simple job which has one component tHDFSput. In the configuration i provided Name Node uri which is the ipaddress of the hadoop environment. Intention is to place a file from local to hdfs. But when i'm trying to  run the job , it remains in connected and  the job never dies. i have to manually kill the job to stop the job. The file is also not transferred to HDFS.  
I was able to connect to host in the command line of windows by using ping,also i m able to connect via winscp.
i also tried the below
Name Node uri, number which i provided in winscp)
I also turned off the windows firewall as well.
Can anyone let me know the issue pls. 

Re: Unable to connect to the hadoop cluster

Can you connect to your hadoop cluster successfully through client without using talend tool? Is there any error message printed on console? Screenshot of tHDFSPut component setting will be preferred.
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