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Unable to connect to Oracle Database

I am having trouble creating DB connection to oracle database, i am using Talend Open Studio Version: 6.1.1
DB Type: Oracle Custom
Db Version: Oracle 11
Login: xxxx
Password: xxxx
String of Connection: jdbcSmiley
Schema: DWET1

The above mentioned credentials is working fine for my colleague, he and me have same version of Talend. When i create the connection and press check to check the connection i am getting following error

Could you please tell me what is the issue here, i have also installed all necessary required updates for all the components.
But still i am having issues with creating Db connection to Oracle. 
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Re: Unable to connect to Oracle Database

I would check the connection with an external tool like SQLPlus or JDeveloper. What we can say for sure, the raw network parameters are correct because you have reached the database TNS listener. I guess the database name is wrong (the last part of the URL).
Why don't you use the normal Oracle connection type? Here you would be ask for the correct parts of the connection.
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Re: Unable to connect to Oracle Database

Yes it worked, when i changed the Db Type to Oracle Service instead of Oracle custom and filled the credentials one after the other it worked.
I still don't know why the Oracle custom didn't work for me, but the same works fine for my colleague. I tried copying each details from my colleague's machine even then it didn't work. Oracle Custom option is unpredictable, using proper Db connection type is always better.