Troubleshooting help - TAC performance issues

We are running 5.1.2 and our TAC is responding very slowly. We have approximately 150 jobs and around 120 file triggers with poll intervals between 60 and 300 seconds.
The TAC itself is pretty slow, but it is really noticeable when I click on the Triggers tab of a job conductor task. This wasn't the case a few weeks ago, so it seems like the issue either gets worse over time or it was caused by some change. The TAC and the TAC database run on the same server, so I doubt the network is the problem.
What can I do to diagnose the problem? What should I be looking for in the various log files?

Re: Troubleshooting help - TAC performance issues

Usually, we will config the jvm parameter in web app server, and the error log of TAC is located in <Servers>\apache-tomcat-6.0.35\logs (take TAC as example).
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