Troubleshooting errors when running profiling analyses with the Java engine


You may encounter error messages or unexpected issues when you use the Java engine to run column or column set analyses.

This article provides troubleshooting information when you get such errors.



Talend Open Studio for Data Quality and all platform Studios that have the Profiling perspective.



When you execute column or column set analyses with the Java engine you use disk space, as all data is retrieved and stored locally in a MapDB folder to enable the data drill-down option on the analysis results. In the MapDB folder, the name of the MapDB file is the UUID of the analysis, for example 5UGuMFTdEeSMeIQkoKh3Lg.

This local storage of data may sometimes cause unexpected issues or internal errors. Below is an example of an error you may get:


An internal error occurred during: "Run Analysis". Wrong index checksum, store was not closed properly and could be corrupted.



You must free up some disk space by deleting the data stored in the main studio directory, at Talend-Studio > workspace > project_name > Work_MapDB.

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