Transpose Columns to Rows

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Transpose Columns to Rows

Hi Talend Folks,


  • In my excel have 400 rows and 500 columns are there. 
  • I have a input excel source like below screenshot format

Screenshot (98).png

  • I need to convert data like below screenshot format using talend tool.
  • Expected Output.

Screenshot (99).png

  • Please tell me how to Transpose Columns to Rows data above screenshots.
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Re: Transpose Columns to Rows

Hi there,


Talend and similar ETL tools are very much about dealing with fixed, structured data, and the standard components are geared up for this.


In this case, there are presumably a dynamic number of columns, and the column headings are going to change, which means these standard components and standard approaches aren't suitable.


As I've explained in your other thread regarding the column names in Talend, you also won't be able to use the dates in your spreadsheet as columns within your job.


Assuming you can't just pivot this in Excel itself, which is very quick and easy to do, then you will either require custom code in a tJavaFlex component, or maybe a custom component.


Take a look on Talend Exchange ( and see if there's something suitable.






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Re: Transpose Columns to Rows

Hi , 

I had a similar scenario where i want to transpose some columns to rows ,where i used tjavaflex to achieve .


Tjavaflex Details :

Start code - Here get the column names which we need to populate in rows and make a for loop with that number, In my case i have 5 columns and i want to transpose last 3 columns ,


String splitString = row7.toString().substring(row7.toString().indexOf("[")+1,row7.toString().length()-1);

String[] arr1;
arr1 = splitString.split(",");
String[] arr2;
int[] numArr = {2,3,4}; // put the position number (counting from 0) of the columns you want to transpose - for me last 3 cols
String temp = "";
for(int j = 0;j<numArr.length;j++)

arr2 = temp.replaceAll("=null","").split(",");

for(int i =0 ;i<arr2.length;i++)

Main CodeHere Populate the two new columns , 

row8.col_name = arr2[i];
String temp2 = row7.toString().substring(row7.toString().indexOf(arr2[i]+"="),row7.toString().length()-1)+",";
row8.col_value = temp2.substring(temp2.indexOf("=")+1,temp2.indexOf(","));

End CodeClose the forloop as ' } ' .

}javaflex3.PNGTest Jobjavaflex4.PNGSchema - fixedFlowInp & tjavaflexjavaflex1.PNGSample Inputjavaflex2.PNGAchieved Output (Transposed one)