Transmission is very slow

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Transmission is very slow

I am pulling data from database and storing it in Excel. This output excel is having some formulas in it. The transmission is taking so much of time to complete (more than 30 min to complete the transmission). Please suggest how to make the transmission faster. When i tried to load in normal excel with multiple sheets, it transmits fast. But when i use this attached excel which has formulas then the transmission is slow. Is it the issue with excel? Or is there any solution in talend to increase the speed?


Re: Transmission is very slow


Would you mind showing us your formula cells? Does it works fast when you use t<DB>Input-->tLogrow without excel output component in your work flow?

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Re: Transmission is very slow

When i use normal excel without any formula or tLogrow, it works fast. 


Only the excel with attached formula is taking so much of time.


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