Translation to Spanish

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Translation to Spanish

I'm using Talend in Spanish and the translation is so bad. Many words are translated in some menus but not in others. And some translations are incorrect. Can I (and how) help for improve the translation?


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Re: Translation to Spanish

You need to adjust change and recompile Talend in order to do so...

I suggest force using english... the majority of people use this software in english, also java and classes and the majority of functions's error messages are in english... Documentation and other data related stuff is mostly found and written in english...

I never understood why people want software in there native language especially in this type of industry.
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Re: Translation to Spanish

I know English is the universal language... and if I have to choose ONE
language, of course, english.
But... someone has began the translation to spanish... so I think is a
project; and I want to colaborate.
If you see other programs, the began in english; but people translate them
and, now, they are y many languages. If someone offers to do it... what's
the problem. Is just an option in the menu to choose the language.
I don't have problem in edit the code and compile it (I know Java, and
develop in it). If you give me the code, I'll translate it, and give you
back or in the way you prefer.

I wait for your answer.

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Re: Translation to Spanish

You can find your links here:
|_ i18n Internationalization plugins and features.
|_ features
|_ plugins

No problem at all Smiley Happy) from a user / usability perspective.
Its more an abstraction / concept reasoning thing ... the language setting regarding the interface / menu I get that, but you get these mixtures of source code written partly in english, semi translated error messages. So if they search based on this error message they cant find any resources, that's the thing it diverge into a new kind of branch and doesn't contribute in optima forma... if Talend would have worked with proper ERROR CODES, no problem at all... but this is not how it works or is implemented ...

I support you and love it you want to contribute, go for it!
Please provide some feedback and you think how Talend/community could improve its design regarding language implementation!


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