Transfer from DB2 to Postgres Never Finishes

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Transfer from DB2 to Postgres Never Finishes

Hello, everyone.


I am a new Talend user so forgive me if I am asking an obvious question. I have 2 machines, a desktop running Windows 7 and Java 8 and a laptop running Windows 10 and Java 9. I created a Talend job that transfers data from a remote DB2 database to a Postgres database. Both tables have the exact same format, I use a T map in between.


Here's the strange part. This job runs great on the laptop and finishes. However, on the desktop, the job never ends. I see the record count increase to the total number of records in the table and then just sits. Very strange! Is there anything I can try?


Re: Transfer from DB2 to Postgres Never Finishes


Java 8 is currently the recommended Java version for all Talend products and modules since v6.0

Here is online document about:TalendHelpCenter:Java

Did you build your job as a standalone job on the laptop and then run job script file (.bat  file) on the desktop? Did you get any java version unsupported exception in error log?

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