Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

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Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

J'ai migré un job de la version TOS 5.0 vers la version TOS 5.3 et à l'exécution (pas à la compilation), j'ai l'erreur suivante :
"Exception in component tOracleOutput_6
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -32613
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.setupBindBuffers(
at oracle.jdbc.driver.OraclePreparedStatement.executeBatch(
at deversement_gfc.job_chargement_temporaire_0_1.JOB_CHARGEMENT_TEMPORAIRE.tOracleInput_6Process("
Merci pour votre aide.

Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

How did you set your schema of your DB oracle? It seems that you are trying to access an index of an array which is not valid as it is not in between the bounds.
In addition, how did migrate a job of the TOS 5.0 version to version 5.3 TOS? Import job items?
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

J'ai importé mon projet TOS v5.0.0 en v5.3.0.
Vous trouverez ci-joint les copies d'écran concernant mon job.
Remarque : si je passe le nombre d'enregistrements à comiter à 1000 au lieu de 10000 (valeur standard), mon job fonctionne.
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

If you switch back to English, we could start helping you.
It would be great to see your schema and your query at once.
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

Hi bbastier
This forum is meant to be international. If you want to get help from members of the Talend team and from many non-French speaking users, who may have experienced the same issue as you, please make the effort to post in English.
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

I have the same issue and it occurs with 5.4.0 as well. It seems to be connected to the Batch size (advanced settings of the oracle output component). On my system (mac os x mavericks, i7, 16Gb men) the jobs runs well as long as i use a batch size of less then 4096 (which is definitely to small for me, but after all the job runs).
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

After further analysis I discovered, that the error in the ojdbc driver occurred. These drivers were installed using the "download & install" feature in the component tab. The error doesn't occur in Talend 5.2.1 so i gave it a try to replace the jars by the jars in TOS_DI-r95165-V5.2.1/plugins/org.talend.designer.components.localprovider_5.2.1.r95165/components/tOracleInput/ with success (at least this problem is gone! I hope there are no new errors now ;-) )
Remark: you first have to install the drivers using the feature in the component tab and then replace the jar files. Just copying the jar file from 5.2.1 without first installing them is not enough.
P.S. although I login using my talendforge account, the forum persists on the status "you are not logged in" :-(
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Re: Tos 5.3 : Exception in component tOracleOutput

Thanks for sharing the solution/workaround.
Can you please report this jar issue in our JIRA, please?
Regarding your connection issue to the Forum, i'll investigate this and will contact you separately if you don't mind. many thanks.


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