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Token licensing model

Right now we have a 2 named user license (TIS 5.1). These users have generic IDs in Talend ( and The setup is using SVN as a central repository.
The annoying issue we are facing is that we can not trace who did what, since all changes are made by the same generic user used by different real persons.
What we are looking forward is to have another licensing model where we can create as many users as we need/want but only a subset of them can connect simultanously (a token based licensing model)
Does this kind of licensing available in TIS ? If not what would be your advice to correctly handle these kind of situations.
Right now the only option we have is to buy as many named licenses as users. While in reality only one or two persons are working simultanously.
Thank your for your advice.

Re: Token licensing model

Yes, we sell simultaneous users licenses.
You can contact your sales reps for more informations.

Re: Token licensing model

you could also as users to change their SVN details when editing.
i think you mean that SVN logs show a single user doing changes.
TIS and SVN are independent.
i would be curious to find out if this system works as i am trying to setup some kind of monitoring on our team as well.
please keep me posted.